What is Certified Information Systems Security Professional Training?

What is Certified Information Systems Security Professional Training?

Many IT professionals may be wondering how they could stand to benefit from undergoing certified information systems security professional training. Simply put, this kind of training can prepare individuals to protect computer networks and data bases using advanced information security. It will take some considerable technical expertise, but this training is out there for interested individuals to pursue. This article will help cover some of the basics you need to know about the training, as well as what types of careers might use it. You will likely want to do some additional research on your own.

The first thing you need to know about the training is that it may not be open to just anyone within the field of information technology. The board that governs this training requires that only highly trained individuals will become certified to perform these kinds of actions. There is a rigorous process by which the board determines whether someone is qualified to undertake this training. Essentially, they mandate that someone have at least 5 years of experience across several different IT specific functions at an agency. Some of these functions may include security management, network architect, security analyst and IT director.

You will also need to know what will be involved when you undertake certified information systems security professional training. The core of this training will be focused on preparing you to take the certification exam. You will want to spend the necessary time and effort to ensure that you pass this examination. But you should also take your training to heart, because you will likely be using it for the rest of your career as a IT security expert. The training itself will focus on ten different core domain areas that will be critical to your position. Some of these domains will include operations security, cryptography, access control and legal compliance. Realize that you will be expected to perform well on all of these areas on the test, because your job will likely require you to be competent in all of them.

To give you an idea of how beneficial this certification can be, there are several insider publications that have written about the importance of certified information systems security professional training. A study in 2008 found that those with CISSP training earned salaries that were $21,000 higher than other non-certified IT personnel. You can also expect to have a wide variety of new job opportunities open up to you once you are certified. A certified IT professional may expect to be eligible for security director positions, or to oversee the development of new computer network systems. These will be highly responsible positions though, so make sure you are ready to undertake these jobs when you begin the application process.

In all, you can expect quite a deal of respect to come once you are CISSP certified. Many knowledgeable people in the IT field understand the added value that this training gives to security analysts. Not only will you find yourself more qualified to pursue jobs, but your colleagues will also be more likely to support you as well. For anyone that has been in an authoritative position, they will tell you that this is an important added benefit. If you are an IT professional who is interested in these roles, you will want to look in to CISSP training.

Sean Coyne holds a MBA focused on information systems and currently works in the healthcare information industry.

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