Website Design

Sean Coyne has been designing and building websites for the past three years. Experience includes using the WordPress content management system, and programming in HTML, CSS and PHP. Sean is also a talented graphic designer and is well versed in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  By working closely with small business clients Sean has been able to optimize each and every web design for the businesses target market. Below are just a few example of Sean’s work:


Coyne Enterprises LLC

Sean Coyne - Website Design


Coyne Enterprises LLC is owned and operated by Sean Coyne. The design and development of the Coyne Enterprises LLC website is one of his most successful projects. With interactive sliders, on-demand contact forms and a wide variety of multimedia represents the efficiency and quality that Sean Coyne is known for. All of the graphic design, coding and customization was created using the WordPress platform and Adobe CC suite.


Adventure Unleashed

Sean Coyne Website Design

Adventure Unleashed is expanding their market by creating a full length instructional DVD set. In order to prepare for the release they needed a modern and professional website to showcase their skills. Sean Coyne designed and developed their website in order to provide an effective yet fun user interface that drove visitors to register for camp.

Stone Security Engineering

Sean Coyne Website Design

Stone Security Engineering, an anti-terrorism consulting firm in New York, New York was in need of a website refresh. Built before the days of web 2.0 their website needed more interactive features and a focused tunnel to convert visitors into customers.  By updating the styling, adding modern graphics and optimizing the on page SEO Sean Coyne was able to provide Stone Security Engineering with a automated email opt in system as well as pop-up notifications for visitors.


Zen Active Sports

sean coyne -zen active sports

Zen Active Ltd. provides premium sporting equipment for those concerned with their personal wellness and environmental well-being. Sean Coyne not only designed and developed the website, including the eCommerce functionality, but he is also a co-founder of Zen Active Ltd. Zen Active currently offers a high-end memory foam yoga mat and plans to release yoga blocks, rollers, cleaning spray and towels in the future,