Below is a step-by-step guide on how to setup a custom landing tab for your Facebook business page. Having a custom Facebook landing page is a great way to increase conversions and likes from advertising campaigns and organic visitors. By tailoring the landing page (or pages) to your specific audience you can insure that each and every visitor is greeted with a page targeted to their needs. Below is a brief video followed by a step by step action plan you can use to setup your first Facebook landing page.


Looking for the step by step guide ? Here you go:

  1. You will need to have a web hosting account that supports SSL certificates. Hostgator is a great deal at ~$4 a month.
  2. Once you have a web hosting account setup you will need to purchase a SSL certificate. For Hostgator this was ~$40 per year, but is is necessary in order to post a page on Facebook.
  3. Setup a FTP account for your domain.
  4. Build or download/edit a theme for your Facebook page. I used this template in my video, and on my most recent Facebook page.
  5. You can use a program like Dreamweaver to edit the HTML, or google for free html editor software.
  6. Go to and click on Apps at the top. Then click create new app.
  7. Enter your display name, and the app domain, which for example would be
  8. Click on page tab by the bottom.
  9. Enter the page tab name (what you want to show as the name of the tab on facebook).
  10. Now enter your URL and secure URL. You should enter your domain name, followed by a folder name that you will create in a later step. For example you could use The secure URL is the same as the URL but instead of http,  you must use https. You can leave Page tab edit url blank.
  11. Now you must connect the new facebook app to your facebook business/page account. Enter this url into your URL bar: — “YOUR_APP_ID” and “YOUR_URL” with the app ID from the Facebook app  and your https site URL.”
  12. Once you have your page (or pages) ready to upload download Filezilla. Connect to the FTP account you created in step 3.
  13. In Filezilla navigate to your domain, and create a new folder. This is where all the files related to the facebook page will go. Write down the full address, for example    would be the address if you added a new folder and named it facebook.
  14. In Filezilla on the left hand panel navigate to the location of your newly created facebook page files (the files you edited/created in dreamweaver). Select the files and drag the to the new folder on your domain.
  15. Enjoy!